Friday, November 20, 2009

Serunding (Coconut & Beef)

I always like to put a lot of serunding when I eat longtong, ketupat, rice or even on the bread.  I love the serunding  made by my mom's friend. She made it so yummy!! Serunding also reminds me of Hari Raya, because when ever there is longtong and ketupat, there's always serunding.

At first, I thought of combining the beef and coconut but than I decided to separate the two.  One is the original serunding that is is basically a dish of grated coconut fried with spices. The other one, serunding daging. It is the bone-dry, floss version of rendang that has a long shelf-life and needs no refrigeration. You may think cooking the serunding is hard but it is actually easy. The part where you have to shred the coconut and the beef, just takes a long time and your fingers ouch!! hehe...

My gurl friend gave me the recipe for serunding daging after I saw the photo. Looks yummy and I just had to give it a try... Thanks gurl.. :)

Serunding daging (Beef Floss)

1 kg lean beef
500ml coconut milk
1 tbsp coriander seeds
vegetable oil
sugar and salt 

Spice paste:
15 dried chillies, seeded and soaked
2 inch ginger
5 lemon grass, finely sliced (I didn't use this since I can't get it here)
1 inch galangal, sliced ( I didn't use this since I can't get it here)
500 gm onions
10 cloves garlic

Cut the beef into large chunks. Place in a casserole pot and pour in enough water to cover the beef. Bring to a boil, or until beef is tender. Remove beef, drain and cool. When cooled, lightly pound the meat to break up the grain. Shred the beef finely.

Dry roast the spices separately until aromatic. Coarsely crushed the coriander seeds.

Blend all the spice paste ingredients finely – add a little coconut milk to make sure the paste is fine. Combine the shredded beef and spice paste. Toss to mix well. Heat a little oil in a wok. Fry the marinated beef, stirring constantly. Pour in the coconut milk. Bring to a boil. Then season to taste with salt and sugar. When the mixture is almost dry, add the coarsely coriander seeds. Cook over low heat, stirring continuously until the mixture is very dry, crumbly, and has turned to floss. Remove from heat and cool completely before storing in a dry, air-tight container.  

Serunding (Coconut)
No exact measurement for this serunding, as this is my recipe. After searching so many serunding recipes, I just decided to do my way..  It is not the best, but its good for me..

Freshly shredded coconut (from 1 coconut)
blended onion, garlic, ginger and dried chillies
turmeric powder
coriander seeds and fennel seeds

Dry roast the coriander and fennel seeds until aromatic. Coarsely crushed the spices. Heat oil and fry blended ingredients till fragrance arise.Add shredded coconut. Mix well. Season with salt and sugar and add the coarsely crushed spices. Constantly mixed all the ingredients, fry over low heat and till dry. Remove from heat and cool completely before storing in a dry, air-tight container.

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