Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. A wonderful reminder for us to be thankful and express gratitude. We were invited to have the Thanksgiving dinner at our close friend's home, so that means, I do not have to cook.. hehe.. Being, so far away from my family, they made us feel like a part of their family. I made a short speech to thank them while we were eating. Their mom felt so touched, she had tears in her eyes and gave me a hug....

Well, it was the traditional thanksgiving dinner,  and plenty of food.. and they were so delicious... I love the devils eggs, the sweet potatoes with  marshmallows and the coleslaw. Hubby loves the dressing, turkey drumsticks and the sweet potatoes. We even had our second rounds. Lol!!! For desserts, she made her delicious orange cake and chocolate pudding.. YUMMY!!!

From the bottom of my heart, I wanna thank Hales family for their friendship and to all my readers for your support. Thank you. ♥♥♥   


I was so hungry, and I dint take good pictures... So what you had for thanksgiving dinner?

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