About Me

Hi everyone... My name is Lynn and I was born in Singapore. After I got married, I moved to Tennessee with my husband. 

Since young, I always have the passion for cooking and baking but I didn't do much. Only when I move to US, I became full-time. ;)

Well, the truth is I just love food.. delicious food and desserts. I miss all the local food that I can get easily in Singapore.. :( Since its not available here, I have no choice but to whip up myself and then share with hubby. 

Sometimes they turned out well and sometimes it was just disappointing.. I'm still learning and I think there's a lot more for me to learn

I believe that food should not only has to taste good but the presentation is just as important. Every time when I cooked or baked, I would try to make them look presentable.

I also loved watching cooking shows on tv. I hope that my skills will be as good as the experts and also like my mum.. She is amazingly great cook and very creative!!!!!

Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy reading my blog. :))
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