Saturday, June 12, 2010

Goreng Pisang Xpress (Bananas Fritters)

I was so happy when I could get banana plantains at our local Walmart. We love our fritters specially bananas fritters. This Tepung Goreng Pisang (Banana Fritter Flour Mix) from ADABI is really good. I really like this brand. <<<mum, please send me more of this... LoL!! >>> :))

Follow the instructions on packet to make batter. Use banana plantains. The firmer the bananas, the better. Peel and cut lengthwise or cut into 1 inch thick slantwise. Dip the cut banana in batter and deep-fry it in medium/medium-high heat until it turns golden. Drain on paper towels and dry well. Serve while still warm. :))

1 comment:

hansenana said...

That looks ty but I have to say that I have never had it before. I love to bake to. I also like to create new interesting spins on pasta and rice dishes all the time.

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