Monday, June 14, 2010

ASAMADE - Air Asam

Here is a perfect cooling drink for warm weather. A friend in United Kingdom shared with me her recipe.

You'll need:
boiling water
4-5 asam-masin (dried red plums or sour plums) 
2-3 slices of lime. 
a little bit of sugar or honey

A jug or mason jars.

Dissolved the a little bit of sugar with some hot water in a separate glass to make the sugar syrup.  In the jug, add sour plums, slices of lime and sugar syrup or honey. Pour the boiling water in the jug and just let it brew... 

You can have it hot or cold. We like to have it with lotsa ice. 

Enjoy! :))

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Lannae said...

Oh, I think I like this!

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