Sunday, July 19, 2009

POP that chicken and favorite coleslaw

What to do with a few slices of chicken tenders?? Yummy popcorn chicken. It is quick, easy and satisfy. Just be careful when you deep-fry the chicken meat. The popping oil got to my skin and burnt me! Ouch! Blisters.. :/
To go with the popcorn chicken, made some easy coleslaw.

Popcorn chicken

Chicken meat (cut into cubes)
Wheat flour or cornmeal flour
Salt to taste
Oil for deep drying

**The above recipe is only basic hence no measurements are given.

Beat eggs and add salt. Dip chicken meat into the egg and then dredge through the flour. Deep -fry in batches in hot oil until golden brown.
(These batches, I tried by mixing the flour to the eggs and make it like a batter, still good!)

Coleslaw (KFC style.. hehe)

1/4 small cabbage - chopped
2 medium carrots - chopped
1 small white onion - chopped

For dressing:
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 tbsp white vinegar
1 tsp honey mustard

I put the cabbage, carrots and onion in a food processor. This makes it much easier than chopping one by one. In a separate bowl, mix together dressing ingredients and toss into salad.
Transfer to a serving bowl. Chill coleslaw before serving.

Enjoy these snacks while watching TV or movie... :)


Adam said...

I agree on the perfect TV food. I had chicken nuggets just like that growing up, and I swear I'd be a different person without them :)

Sweet and Savory said...

I think I am going to stick to Tyler Florence's although I can't KFC is not good.

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