Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leftovers - Lemon pepper chicken and my hard boiled egg....

This chicken and egg mayo is so good. We bought a rotisserie lemon pepper chicken yesterday and had plenty of leftovers. I felt bad to throw away the leftovers. I shredded the meat so I can make chicken mayo. The chicken mayo reminds me when I was back home, every time, I go to Subway, I always ordered tuna mayo with plenty of salad, tomatoes, black olives and green peppers with honey mustard and sweet onion sauce. **yummy** hmm.. could have done the tuna mayo too.. lol..

After I shredded the chicken, I decided to add one hard boiled egg. Its funny about hard boiled egg.. I do not even know when the egg becomes a hard boiled egg. haha.. coz seriously, i don't usually eat hard boiled eggs. Even when I do, its was not me who boiled those eggs... hahha.. Anyway, as I was preparing, my significant half came back home for lunch. I didn't realized the time. I was still boiling the egg and I was like"gosh, you are home, my egg is not hard yet".. So I thought maybe its hard, I had to pick up the egg with a spoon and crack the egg open... it was still soft and so I had to dump it back into the hot water again and let it in there for another few minutes...

Once the egg became hard-boiled, I peeled and mashed it, chopped parsley and cilantro and mix with mayonnaise. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. Spread on the slices french bread and there you have... Chicken and egg mayo sandwich.. yummy...

(Sorry these are not good pictures.. )

(I always like to put extra black pepper)

You'll need:
shredded chicken (leftovers)
hard-boiled egg - mashed
green onions - chopped
cilantro - chopped
salt and pepper to taste

Mix all together.

Enjoy over slices of toasted bread. :)

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