Wednesday, July 14, 2010


ROJAK.. I like Rojak, even a simple Yu Char Kway Rojak.. The term "Rojak" is Malay means “wild mix” or “combination of ingredients”A popular dish in Singapore and you can find it anywhere in Singapore. 

Rojak is also used as a colloquial expression for an eclectic mix, and in particular is often used to describe the multi-ethnic character of Singaporean and Malaysian society. 

There are Malay, Indian and Chinese style. Malay and Chinese rojak are almost similar. They are built on a vibrant assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, which may include pineapple, cucumber, sweet turnip, water spinach, green apple, bean sprouts, water apple, green mango, guava, slivers of lime zest, and shredded ginger bud. Except for Chinese Rojak, toasted Yu Char Kway (a crispy length of deep fried flour) and toasted Taufu Pok (bean curd), cut into bite-sized, are added to the fruit salad. The sticky prawn paste is mixed with a little lime juice or tamarind juice and some sugar. Chilli paste may be added for some spice. A dusting of ground peanuts gives further texture. The paste is then mixed thoroughly. Once it is well mixed, the mixed vegetables and ingredients are added. Finally the mixture is garnished with a dash of finely cut ginger flower. 

Indian Rojak is an assortment of potatoes, eggs, fried greens, steamed fishcakes, bean curd, prawn fried in batter. The Indian version is also tossed in peanut sauce, although this version has an added red flavoring and color for that tinge of spiciness.

The picture here is my Yu Char Kway Rojak. I did not add any fruits or vegetables because, I just preferred to have plain Yu Char Kway. ;)

I used the whole bag of frozen Yu Char Kway. You can get at any Asian store in the US. To make the paste: mix 4 tbsp sticky prawn paste, 1-1/2 tbsp lime juice, 1/2 tbsp lime rind, 5 tbsp sugar and some grounded peanuts. Mix thoroughly. Drizzled the sweet sour sauce over the bite-sized Yu Char Kway. Garnish with extra crushed peanuts. 

Rojak is often served as a side dish, appetizer or as a main meal. I cant wait to go back to Singapore and have me some Singapore ROJAK!!!! *winks*

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