Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chicken chop - Mamak Style

Another favorite Indian Muslim food (also known as Mamak food)... Mutton Chop. I looked at my recipes books, unfortunately no recipe for mutton chop. I was surprised, I couldn't find many website for the mamak mutton chop recipe too. However, I found a blog that has mutton chop recipe. YAY!!! It would be nicer to have mutton but I cant get mutton so I used chicken breasts instead and I made a little changes. 

You'll need:
chicken breasts (used two)
chilli paste
tomato paste
tomato sauce 
sweet soy sauce
light soy sauce
brown sugar (can also use regular sugar)
ground coriander seeds
potatoes (wedges/fries)
fried egg
slices of tomato

*I do not have the exact measurement for this dish, its all estimation. 

I cut the chicken breast into bite-sized. Marinate the pieces with sweet soy sauce and light soy sauce for about 30 mins. Heat the oil in the large wok, fry the chicken. Remove and leave some of the oil in the wok. The secret to make a good chilli sauce for the dish is using the oil that was used frying the chicken. Then combine, chilli paste, tomato paste, tomato sauce, sweet soy sauce in the wok and sprinkle some brown sugar to taste. If you want it hot, add more chilli paste; more sweet, add sugar and soy sauce. When the sauce have simmer down, add a dash of ground coriander seeds. Just before you turned off the heat, mix the chicken together with the sauce. Serve with peas, fries, fried egg, lettuce and slices of tomatoes.

My chicken chop is served with steamed peas, baked diced potatoes and sweet potatoes and fried egg. I do not have lettuce and tomato in the refrigerator. I think I'll use the beef the next time... Have a good Thursday yall!! :)) 

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