Friday, April 09, 2010

Tempura Batter -- Kakiage

One of my favorite Japanese side dish is Kakiage. It is a type of tempura which is made with mixed vegetable strips. Besides having sushi at the  Japanese restaurants, it is like a must to order kakiage, fried tofu, soba noodles and potato croquette. So if you bring me to a Japanese restaurant, you'll know what I'll be ordering.. hehe...

Traditionally, tempura batter is mixed in small batches using chopsticks for only a few seconds. It is important to use only cold water and leave the batter lumpy. This will result in the unique fluffy and crisp tempura structure when cooked. The first time, I had over mixed the batter, and the results were disappointing. Here, besides using the vegetables, I also used firm tofu. They were simply yummilious!!!! Now I know how to make my own tempura batter. I do not miss my favorite side dishes at the Japanese restaurant anymore... I still have to work on my sushi.. hehe.... 

Tempura Batter
1 egg
1 cup iced water
1 cup all purpose flour
pinch of salt

I used potatoes, carrots, zucchini, green peppers and onions (cut into strips) for my Kakiage. You may like to use mushrooms, shrimps or scallops too.

Beat an egg in a large bowl. Add ice water in the bowl. (I added the ice into the batter to make it cold) Add flour and salt in the bowl and mix lightly.Do not over mix. (its okay to leave lumps in the batter).

Heat oil to 340 degrees F in a deep pan. Add the mixed vegetables strips in the tempura batter, and mix together. (if you have ice in the batter, remember not to scoop the ice to the oil)

Take a scoop of the mixture with a large spoon and slip into the oil. Shape the piece, using chopsticks or a cooking tong until firm. Deep-fry until browned on both sides. Drain and serve immediately.

Here, I serve with black sweet sauce. Yum-yum!!!

  • Use only cold ice water.
  • Over-mixing the batter will result in activation of wheat gluten, which causes the flour mixture to become chewy and dough-like when fried.
  • If the batter becomes warm while you are deep-frying, add ice to the batter, or by placing the bowl inside a larger bowl with ice in it.

Have a good weekend. :)


Simply Life said...

wow! that looks great!

Simply Life said...

wow! that looks great!

Karen Harris said...

I'm with you, tempura is a must order! This looks great. I'll be using your tips next time I attempt it.

Lannae said...

Yum! I want to crunch in your dish!

lilmizlynn said...

Thank you all for visiting. :)) Yum-Yum!!

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