Friday, June 19, 2009

Chicken with vegetables

Last night, actually I was out of idea what to cook for dinner.. I was busy ironing the clothes (could not stand seeing him going to work with wrinkle t-shirts) and didn't realized it was almost dinner time. I know hub could probably be very tired after a long day at work but he volunteered to make dinner. Well, he did mentioned to me the other day when we went for our groceries shopping, he said he wanted to make me some chicken with vegetables. So last night he did. So sweet of him.. I got to snap a few shots..

First, he used the leg quarter with back bone and marinaded with spices. I think he uses chicken seasoning. He could have used some other spices too to give a little more taste... hehe..

Then he added the potatoes, carrots, long beans and peas. Lastly he added the chicken stock and a few whole cloves.

He covered than pan with aluminum foil that he poked some holes to let the steam out. I did not check how long and the temperature was. hmm... should have asked him... sorry..

After its cooked, he served it on top of 2 slices of bread... there you go! Delicious yet simple to do by my sweet hub. :)

yummy! hehe ;)


Adam said...

Well that was def sweet of him. I love throwing a few things together when my brain is out of ideas, and how much more comforting can chicken and veggies be? It's simple and delicious :)

bluboi78 said...

Baby gurl... Dun worry. I am fine.. Dun know why each time you call or msg, I will not see until you ended the web session. I tell you what.. let's go on msn?

♥Rosie♥ said...

A delicious meal and very comforting!

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