Monday, July 28, 2008

Martha Mondays - The peach, apricot, and cherry pie

I know this is my food blog but I just wanna share about the movies we watched on Friday. We went to the drive-in movie, and watched Dark Knight and Hell Boy II. Dark Knight was a great movie and Hell Boy II was good but wasn't what I expected... Christian Bale did and excellent job as the Batman and Heath Ledger terrific as the Joker. I am also very impressed and proud of Mr Chin Han Ng from Singapore to be acting with such great talented actors and actress in the movie. Kudos to you!

 Well, its Martha Monday Challenge time. Choose either the peach, apricot, and cherry pie (p. 236) or the sour cherry cobbler (p. 279). So I chose peach, apricot, and cherry pie. It doesn't look as good as the one in the book but its yummy! I think I brush too much of the egg yolk and heavy cream on top of the Taking photos to me is a hard job! Still trying to snap some good photos... Anyway, check out Mimi on the move. Wonder which one is baked??? :)

It was very challenging because I never made a lattice top before. Should have followed the steps shown as the beginner but I just weave the lattice directly on the surface of the pie... A mistake but I managed to cover the breaks with some stars and crescents shapes on top of the lattice. hehe.. A dessert for me after a good turkey sandwich and a watermelon juice for lunch! :)


Ma Baker said...

Your pie looks great!
I love woven crusts, they look so prety. You did really well even if you didn't follow the 'propper' way

lilmizlynn said...

Thank you ma baker , I really tot it wont work but it did. :)

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