Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Morel Mushrooms

Morel Mushrooms - These are wild mushrooms and typically arrives in the spring months here. I love to eat mushrooms. As for these mushrooms, I have not seen or eaten these mushroom before and I must say they are so good. I'm thankful to hubby's colleague who has been giving these mushrooms for free. It is so nice of him.. so in return, I made some Asian snacks for him for lunch.. 

When we went to our friend's house, he brought us to his big backyard.. I found three small ones, and the fourth one was found by our friend. I was very happy that day because it was my first time mushroom hunting and I found some. :)) 

The first time, I followed what hubby said, dust with some flour, salt and pepper, then pan-fried with some oil. After that, I tried something different... 

  • Cut into strips, pan-fried and seasoned with salt and pepper and served it on top of fried egg.
  • Same thing as above and mixed with potatoes.
  • Cut into halves, and mixed in the beef stew.
  • Make a batter using rice flour, salt, pepper and some water, dipped the mushrooms and deep-fried.

I forgot to take pictures on all but here are two pictures that I had...

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